Ametek Land FLT5/B

NEW FLT5/B Float Line IR Thermometer

AMETEK Land, Land Instruments International Ltd, formally announces that with immediate effect the FLT5/A pyrometer models will be discontinued from new product sales and replaced by the new FLT5/B range with new internal electronics.

Whilst stopped from new product sales the FLT5/A pyrometers will still be fully supported by our qualified field and factory service teams and our internal technical support engineers until they become obsolete on 31st December 2024.

A selected range of FLT5/A spares will remain available from AMETEK Land and will continue to be supplied as standard items until 31st December 2024, or replaced by the new FLT5/B electronics if necessary.

Please see the below reference table for a list of parts affected by the notification and replacements:

Future sales for the discontinued items will be served by the new FLT5/B pyrometers listed as above.
The new electronic components introduced in the FLT5/B pyrometer series do not have any impact on form factor, accuracy or any other performance parameters.  Full details are available here.