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What Makes Stored Biomass Self-Ignite?

Many power producers are using biomass as fuel for their boilers. Biomass comes in many forms, including corn stover, olive pulp, bagasse, and wood pellets.Provided the raw materials are sustainably sourced, biomass fuels offer a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. However, these fuels present some problems that do not […]

Liquid Metal Temperature Auto Pour Pyrometer System

The application-specific Auto Pour Pyrometer System is designed to provide accurate liquid metal temperature readings in the liquid stream, the most direct measurement location. Using a non-contact measurement that does not interrupt the casting process, Auto Pour delivers one accurate, repeatable value, measured and calculated for each pouring. This data helps reduce operating costs while […]

NEW FLT5/B Float Line IR Thermometer

AMETEK Land, Land Instruments International Ltd, formally announces that with immediate effect the FLT5/A pyrometer models will be discontinued from new product sales and replaced by the new FLT5/B range with new internal electronics. Whilst stopped from new product sales the FLT5/A pyrometers will still be fully supported by our qualified field and factory service […]

Furnace Shell Monitoring

Reducing Energy Consumption & CO2 Emissions by using Continuous Furnace Outside Shell Monitoring with Stationary Industrial Thermal Imaging Decarbonisation is becoming more important for industrial furnace operators in applications such as reheat furnaces, glass melt tanks, rotary kilns, and annealing furnaces. While a breakthrough of such a furnace poses great dangers, the thermal inspection of […]

Solution for BioMass Fuel Feed Issues

AMETEK Land offers an innovative way to diagnose fuel feed issues in biomass boilers. Biomass fuel sources often pose problems that traditional coal- or gas-fired boilers do not. The nature of many biomass fuels can exacerbate operational difficulties, including inconsistent fuel feeds and slagging.  Understanding the conditions within the boiler is therefore essential for efficient […]

Case Study Slag Detection Celsa Steel UK

AMETEK Land has delivered its SDS-640 slag detection system to Celsa Steel UK to improve yield during the tapping process.  Celsa Steel UK is the largest producer of steel reinforcement products in the UK, and one of the country’s largest manufacturers of high-quality steel long products including wire rods, reinforcing bars, high-yield coils, flat bars, channels, […]

New Thermal Imager LWIR-640

With increasing demand for improved product quality and efficiency, energy saving, predictive maintenance and emission reduction, thermal imaging cameras and systems play an important role in modern and industrial processing.  The new LWIR-640 long-wavelength thermal imagers build on more than 20 years of thermal imaging experience, expanding the market-leading range of AMETEK Land temperature measurement […]

Case Study NIR-B 3XR – Air Liquide’s Reformer

THE CHALLENGEAir Liquide’s steam methane reformers, producing hydrogen and carbon dioxide industrial gases, are critical assets and their operation, safety and reliability, are of paramount importance, however they are very challenging assets to maintain and operate. Some of the common problems in reformer operation are burner, flue gas distribution and catalyst issues. All of these […]

Cyclops History

The Land Cyclops L serie of high quality portable non-contact thermometers provides precision spot temperature measurement with unmatched accuracy and reliability. Features such as precise view of target spot with simultaneous digital display of temperature in the viewfinder, choice of operating and calculating modes, digital output and out of range alarms are provided. The Cyclops L […]