As the global economy moves to a decarbonised future, accurate and reliable measurements will be more important than ever. Monitors and analysers for infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions are key to the three pillars of decarbonisation – energy efficiency, alternative fuels, and carbon capture. 

AMETEK Land has provided solutions to help energy-intensive heavy industries improve thermal efficiency, increase product quality, and control emissions for more than 70 years.

The road to reducing emissions has many facets and challenges for industry:


Our expert advice and innovative technology will help improve process efficiency and enhance product quality, delivering trusted, proven solutions that are ready to face these new application challenges – and those to come.

Thermal imaging is just one example; well-used in industry for high-accuracy temperature measurement, it is now increasingly being utilised as a solution for furnace monitoring and optimisation, supporting greater process efficiency.

As decarbonisation technology advances and expands, our expert understanding of industrial applications and measurement methodology leaves us well placed to find new solutions that will improve reliability and productivity in an increasingly competitive, highly regulated environment.

AMETEK Land’s solutions for overcoming the challenges of emissions reduction in the power sector and other heavy industries such as metals, glass, hydrocarbon processing, and cement.

By supporting applications such as increasing energy efficiency, decarbonising energy supplies, and capturing carbon dioxide, our products support these industries in successfully managing the transition from fossil fuels to bioenergy, hydrogen and electrification.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency for many heavy industrial processes can be a challenge. Focuses are to minimise energy use, maximise combustion and reduce wastage. Keep Reading

Decarbonising Energy Supplies

Replacing fossil fuels with electrification, biofuels, and waste-derived fuels can reduce or even eliminate CO2 emissions. Focus is to substitute fossil fuels with electrical power and biofuels. …Keep Reading

Capturing Carbon Dioxide

Adapting technology to capture CO2 from the combustion of hydrocarbons or the process can be carried out. Focus is to use existing and new technology to capture combustion CO2. Keep Reading