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UpTimeWorks created a scalable reliability platform by innovation and utilizing new technologies. Our platform applies a holistic approach to condition monitoring with IoT sensors and web-based software to plan, monitor and act upon your complete reliability program. By means of a centralized database, our platform brings together all types of assets measurements, ensuring early fault detection.

UpTimeWorks enables remote management and analyses of your reliability activities with our software solutions, comprising of an online platform for managing lubrication and visual inspection activities, a desktop application for advanced vibration analysis and a mobile application for on-site visual- and lubrication-inspections, vibration measurements, infra-red capturing and oil sampling. Each solution communicates with one shared cloud database and fully integrates our data-collectors and many third-party devices. This holistic approach makes UpTimeWorks the ultimate tool for all reliability experts!


A dedicate webshop for lubrication professionals.

Our mission at machinedokter.nl is to help you make informed decisions about RELIABILITY products that WORK for your unique needs and budget. Backed by IJssel Predictive Maintenance, Noria Corporation’s expertise and legendary customer service, we’re excited to help your lubrication program succeed.