AMETEK Land is a specialist in the design and manufacture of monitors and analysers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions.

Fixed Spot Non-Contact Thermometers / Pyrometers

Our extensive range of infrared thermometers provides online temperature measurements and control. Innovative, flexible solutions customisable for diverse processes and specialised applications… Keep Reading

Fixed Thermal Imagers

Our enhanced, non-contact thermal imagers provide high-resolution temperature information for a wide range of industrial processes, with an extensive number of spectral bands and broad temperature range… Keep Reading

Fixed Linescanners Systems

Our compact infrared linescanners produce highly accurate thermal images of moving processes, using unrivalled high-speed scanning to deliver essential temperature information for process control and safety… Keep Reading

Portable Non-Contact Thermometers

Our high-quality Cyclops L handheld thermometers provide spot temperature measurements, with unmatched accuracy and reliability. Trigger-operated for easy use, with precise target viewing and on-board data storage… Keep Reading

Calibration Sources

A comprehensive range of blackbody calibration sources enables high-precision calibration of radiation thermometers under on-site and laboratory conditions. Designed to work seamlessly with our instruments, primary and reference sources available… Keep Reading

Human Body Temperature Screening

Protect people from potential coronavirus carriers and those with other infectious diseases – the VIRALERT systems screens visitors at entry for elevated temperatures that could indicate fever… Keep Reading


Our world-leading products are fully supported by the latest software technology. Standard and application-specific packages deliver the highest performance and functionality to supported industries and applications… Keep Reading

Industry Application Specific

We design systems specifically to solve critical temperature measurement problems in particular industrial applications. These specialised solutions provide optimised performance in challenging processes… Keep Reading