Cyclops B

The Land Cyclops B family of high quality portable infrared thermometers provides precision spot temperature measurement with unmatches accuracy and reliability. Features such as precise view of target spot with simultaneous digital display of temperature in the viewfinder, choice of operating and calculating modes, digital output and out of range alarms are provided. Optional data logger is also available which greatly expands the measurement and data analysis capabilities of Cyclops thermometers. All instruments have a Wireless data logging function by Bluetooth to PC or PDA.

The complete Cyclops B serie has been replaced with the Cyclops L serie with more functions and Features for the Cyclops L models:

  • On-board Data Storage
  • Unique Route Manager
  • UKAS Calibration
  • New Logger Software
  • Added Protection

History of the Land Instruments Cyclops B

The Land Instruments Cyclops is a well known serie of instruments with a long track record.
In the past sold a the Land Minolta Cyclops, Land Instruments has developed their own industrial Cyclops.
Many instruments like the Cyclops 52, Cyclops 152, Cyclops 153 and Cyclops 300AF are still in use after more then 15 years. If you need more information about a replacement or correct instrument for your application, please look at the website Ametek Land.